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Doughnuts is a Snack Item.Mainly made from All purpose flour,Butter,Eggs.It was a Tea Time snack,Good for 1 Week.Many types of doughnuts are available,This is a Basic doughnut Recipe.Try This Recipe.

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Atta Laddu

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Atta Laddu Ingredients  Atta(Wheat flour)-1 cup sugar powder-1 cup Ghee-1/2 cup Grated raw coconut-2 Tb spoons Milk-Boiled -for making laddu (Approximately 1/4 cup) Kaaju-for garnish

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Sweet Sapota Juice

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How to Make the Sweet Sapota Juice  the Sweet Sapota juice is very easy to make in home and this is very healthy recipe in summer after seeing this video you can make the same right from home Ingredients: Sapota slices  : 1 cup Milk : 2 cups Sugar : ...

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