Recipes from Ingredient: drum sticks

Drumstick Pickle (మూలక్కడ పచ్చడి)

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Drumstick Pickle (మూలక్కడ పచ్చడి) If you are a visual learner feel free to watch the below video from our exclusive Youtube Channel Attamma TV Youtube Channel URL: www.youtube.com/attammatv Our Regular updates will be informed thru our Facebook Page, Pinterest Page, & Twitter Account Facebook page URL: www.facebook.com/attammatvpage First of All Sorry for our English Grammar and we are not English teachers ...

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Masala Drumstick fry (mulakkada fry) ( ములక్కాడ మసాలా వేపుడు )

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Masala Drumstick fry (mulakkada fry) (ములక్కాడ మసాలా వేపుడు)

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Drumstick Tomato Curry

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Drumstick Tomato Curry Ingredients: Drumsticks-3 Tomato-5 Tamarind Paste-1 T spoon Red chilli powder-2 T spoons Turmeric-Pinch Salt-Tasty Seasoning ingredients-1/2 T spoon Oil-2 Tb spoons Curry leaves-2 bunches Onions-3 Green chilli-3

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Chicken drumstick curry

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Chicken drumstick curry Ingredients:  Chicken-1/4 kg Drumsticks-3 Onions-2 Greenchilli-3 Tomato-2 Red chilli powder-2 t spoons Turmeric-pinch Salt-tasty Garam masala powder-1 t spoon Coriander powder-2 T spoons Curry leaves & Cilantro-1 bunch Oil-2 Tb spoons

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