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Dhania powder/ Pisa Dhania ధనియాల పొడి,

Punjabi Egg Masala Anda Curry Recipe

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Punjabi Egg Masala  Anda Curry Recipe

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Chicken Curry without Oil

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Chicken Curry without Oil is special recipe from attamma Tv and it has been very useful who are maintaining diet and this curry uses the fat from the chicken as oil and there is no compromising about the taste.

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Chicken Gongura curry

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Chicken Gongura curry Ingredients:  Chicken-1/4 kg Gongura-2 bundles Ginger garlic paste-1 Tb spoon Gram masala powder-1 T spoon Coriander powder-2T spoons Oil-2 Tb spoons Red chilli powder-2 T spoons Turmeric-pinch Salt-tasty Cilantro-1 bunch Onion-1 Green chill-4

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