Recipes With Course: Dal Recipes

Recipes made from Dal

Drumstick Flower Dal

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Drumstick Flower Dal: these are very good for health and these prevent infection in the throat and chest and skin by using these flowers we can make healthy chutneys  these flowers are also used to store in the refrigerators and can be store upto 4 to 5 days. please use ...

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Punjabi Dal Fry (पंजाबी दाल फ्राई)

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Punjabi Dal Fry (पंजाबी दाल फ्राई) If you are a visual learner feel free to watch the below video from our exclusive Youtube Channel Attamma TV Youtube Channel URL: www.youtube.com/attammatv Our Regular updates will be informed thru our Facebook Page, Pinterest Page, & Twitter Account Facebook page URL: www.facebook.com/attammatvpage First ...

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